Welcome Spicy Veggies!

Welcome to my website. It is currently becoming something fabulous!!!

I started this website to share my Vegan Journey with others. I enjoy creating fabulous vegan meals that taste delicious and astonish any non-vegan as well as myself. Before changing to a Vegan diet, I did not know how to cook, or garden, or eat healthy. Through the past two years, I have learned about cooking veggies, growing fabulous organic food, and eating a healthy veggie based diet. I have incorporated an exercise regime into my lifestyle as well.

This website will host vegan recipes, provide a suggested pantry list, discuss about my attempts at organic gardening, review vegan products that I have tried, and approach a wide range of topics that interest me and I think are important.

A little bit about me…

I decided to give a Vegetarian diet a try shortly after I had returned from Summer Camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan my Junior Year in College. My Grandpa passed away after struggling from heart disease and diabetes for several years and I came home wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. One of the first questions asked to me was “What are you going to eat, you don’t like vegetables?” This was a concern for me as well, besides the person asking me.:) I dove into as much research of vegetarianism as I could because I wanted to make it work and last for years. I wanted to be healthy and to make sure I got all the nutrients that my body required. (This makes me laugh now because I was never concerned about this before I was vegetarian but now that I was a vegetarian it seemed essential.) Everything that I read and an unfortunate accident lead me to a vegan diet.

The road to Veganism…

Six months after I had started a vegetarian diet, I fell rollerblading and broke my tailbone. I ate an even healthier diet of fruits, veggies, and whole grains for a week after I broke it. I never ate dairy during this time. When my tailbone was feeling better, my boyfriend brought me some nachos. It sounded so good but after a few bites, I was sick to my stomach. A few days later, we went out for ice cream. Again after a few bites, I was sick. I tried dairy once more and could not stomach it. At the time, I was reading about how after the age of 3, humans are lactose intolerant. It never bothered me before because I had grown accustom to the bloating and illness of dairy through time. However, when I stopped eating dairy for a week and then went back to it, I was able to realize the effects that dairy was having on my body. I decided that I was going to give dairy up and try a vegan diet.

Two years and still thriving…

It has been two years since giving up dairy and the start of my vegan life and it is better than ever! I am so glad that I made the change and I would never go back. In fact, I love this lifestyle so much I want to share it with all of you!

Please, feel free to leave comments and questions as you please and I will try to respond to the best of my ability.

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